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Quebec's Ballet Tompkins is a unique organization in Laval that offers specialized training in classical dance to all levels, children and adults, while giving artists the opportunity to shine and develop their potential on stage.



Our greatest mission is to bring classical ballet to a wider public and, in particular, to children, in order to instill in them a passion and a discipline for life.


Directed by international gold medalist Timothy Tompkins, Ballet Tompkins du Québec is a non-profit organization that comprises two entities under one roof: :

The company: passionate dancers

Quebec's Ballet Tompkins company performs a diverse neoclassical repertoire. It aims to democratize the art of ballet by staging accessible quality productions that reach a wide audience. Conservatory-trained dancers have the opportunity to join the company to develop as performing artists, while dancers trained elsewhere find a welcoming and inclusive company in which to hone their craft.

Ballet Tompkins Conservatory : classical training of excellence

The school offers top-quality classical dance training, whether you're dancing for pleasure or aspiring to a professional level. The teaching of our dedicated teachers is based on the Vaganova method, which has trained some of the world's greatest ballet dancers (Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Mikael Baryshnikov, Alexander Vetrov, Olga Pavlova, etc.). Find out more about our school here.


Quebec's Ballet Tompkins mission revolves around certain values that form the basis of its actions:


Respect - Passion - Rigor
Excellence - Integrity - Equ
Innovation - Wellness - Diversity

To achieve its mission, Quebec's Ballet Tompkins offers a safe and healthy environment for students, teachers, staff and the public. To this end, no form of harassment will be tolerated. Please consult our « Policy for the Prevention of Harassment, the Promotion of Civility and the Handling of Complaints » .

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